“How can I come up with attention-grabbing headlines and leads?”

I got that subscriber question.

And while I’m sure you’d love if I could just give you some automatic formula that worked like magic words…

(And while I KNOW there are other marketers who happily prey on gullible new copywriters and who sell that crap…)

There’s no magic words.

But there are a couple pretty simple principles and practices you can follow.

Today I’m sharing what I’ve learned from some of the best…

From John Carlton, the “most ripped-off copywriter alive” — a very simply concept that tells you exactly what you need to do until you find what to feature in your headline.

From Bill Bonner, perhaps the world’s first billionaire copywriter and founder of the Agora direct response empire — his main method of writing copy, shared in a private interview I did with him around 2010.

And from Marty Edelston, founder of the $150-million-per-year Boardroom, Inc. — one word to let you know exactly when you’ve found the hook, headline, and lead that works.

Combined, this is a super-powered lesson in opening your copy hot, so you can close maximum sales.

It’s all in today’s video.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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