Should you hire a freelancer? An agency? An in-house employee?

Today’s episode is about hiring copywriters and other marketers, including marketing agencies.

I’ve been on pretty much all sides of this equation, since I got started in marketing in 2005.

And I’m NOT going to tell you that one or another of these options are the best for you.

Rather, I want to help walk you through the decision-making process…

Asking you questions that will help you make your PERSONAL right decision.

(And if you’re a freelancer or other marketing talent looking to get hired, you’ll want to pay close attention, too — because it’s worth hearing about this decision from the perspective of the person doing the hiring.)

Check it out…

Hiring Freelancers vs. Agencies vs. In-House Copywriters & Marketers

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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