Today’s article, PROOF of the power of investing in yourself…

It’s a reader story.

I volunteered — for his sake — to scrub it of some personally-identifying details.  Because I wanted to protect his privacy, with regard to revealing specific clients.

And yet, I also asked him if I could share.  Because I think his success is a MASSIVE object lesson on the power of investing in yourself.

This is an email from Joshua Lee Henry, who came to my Financial Copywriters Workshop that I held in Fall 2018.  At that time, he had ZERO financial copywriting experience.

When he reported getting yet another gig, I asked him…

“So… What would you say it’s been worth to you, so far, to have gone through my training?”

What follows is his email response to that question.  I took out some specific names [replaced in brackets]…

But this is essentially his words and response…

Well, I just told my wife last night how I can trace $35,500 directly back to my connection with you.

($10k each for two [Financial Publisher] Promos + $7,500 from [Financial Publisher] for a couple of emails + $8k from [Another Publisher] for a VSL)

PLUS…  another $11,500 indirectly, from two other small financial publishers that I got projects from because I told them that I had cubbed for you with [Financial Publisher].

So I could confidently say $47k in the last 16 months or so since paying the $2k to come to your financial copywriters workshop and the measly $37 I pay monthly for access to BTMSinsiders…  [Note: this is a grandfathered launch price and no longer available, sorry.]

Plus, there’s all the priceless and practical copy training I’ve learned from you in blogs, personal emails, BTMS calls, and training…

But really, the financial ROI is even more than that because I leveraged my relationship with you to add more “proof” elements to my own credibility when I’m talking to other leaders in the industry – i.e., Brian Kurtz, Doberman Dan, Lori Haller and David Deutsch, Henry Bingaman and [Financial Publisher], [Financial Publisher], and others at [Financial Publisher] — all of which I’ve done SOMETHING with…

And oh yeah, I just remembered how you connected me to the [Financial Publisher] copywriter calls when they were happening…

Which led me to interacting with Joe Schrieffer, Todd Brown, Evaldo, Kyle Milligan, David Garfinkel, Denny Hatch, Drayton Bird, Toecracker, and tons of other copywriters and media buyers…

And the “street cred” I now have for having been a part of those calls… something I’m not afraid to share with prospects when the opportunity presents itself…

This recently got me a sweet $400 for a 1-hour coaching session with a copywriter writing an assignment for [Financial Publisher]…

He just “randomly” contacted me out of the blue because he had seen and heard about my work…

Oh yeah, and you also recommended the “Bulletproof Youtube Ads” course with Justin Brooke and Adskills to me. Which gave me the confidence to land a $5k consulting gig last year…

So it all compounds, mixes, and blends together 🙂

Is that what you’re looking for????

In short — he had ZERO experience in financial, but a TON of gumption, and turned a $2,000 investment into more than $47,000 worth of business…

Now let me be clear about this.

This wasn’t a schmuck who I flipped from a nobody into a somebody.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

If I didn’t exist, he would’ve succeeded anyway.

Because he has a DEEP DRIVE to win.  (In fact, I’m not even going to share his biggest goal — that he shared with me over dinner when he was here in Lincoln.  But I believe he could achieve it.  And it’s HUGE.)

But what he realized is a principle that all winners know.

Invest in yourself…

He actually had to beg me to even let him spend the $2k to come to my workshop.  He was so inexperienced, I was cautious about letting him in to such a niche-specific training.

But he had an undeniable DRIVE.  To the point I couldn’t NOT let him in.

(And yes, I did turn away a bunch of copywriters, who came to me with cash in hand.)

It’s really easy to get caught up, worried about spending money.  Especially when money is tight.  When you’re paying the mortgage.  When you have a family, and kids to feed.

All of that describes where Joshua was at when he made his first big investment in working with me.

It also describes where I was at when I made my first big investments in my business.

It also describes so many others who’ve followed this same path.

When you invest in yourself, you create a necessity to succeed…

This may be part of what makes it so powerful.

It creates a powerful kind of tension.

Where you feel the need to make it back, and then some.

Your back is to the wall.

The gun is to your head.

It’s success, or else…

It’s what Daymond John called “The Power of Broke.”

And when you get successful and it goes away, you actually have to find ways to re-engineer it, or you risk losing the momentum.  (I actually set up a second business bank account — a rainy day fund — that I push money into, so I feel the tightness in my main account.  Plus there’s the money I take out of my business…)

That’s the emotional component…

Then there’s the practical bit…

A GOOD investment in yourself is buying money at a discount…

If you’re given the opportunity to get $47k or more back from a $2k investment, would you do it?

That’s off-the-charts.

You don’t get that kind of return on Wall Street (even though some investment promos want you to believe you will).

You don’t get that kind of return in real estate.

Or in pretty much any other market.

The best place to get that is investing in yourself, and in your business.

Investing your way into knowledge, skills, abilities, relationships, and everything else it takes to build a business.

Especially, learning how to create advertising where you can spend $1, and get more than $1 in return.  Whether you’re selling that as a service for clients, or using the same skill to grow your own business.

Here’s an investment you can make today…

I just got off a call with BTMSinsiders member Roland Eva — a UK-based launch consultant for training companies…

He was telling to me how much value he’d gotten out of my training — versus all the other copywriters and marketers he’d learned from.  He listed a ton of my heroes, and then told me that my training gave him brand new breakthroughs even after he’d taken all their stuff.

And he told me that my High-Velocity Copywriting training would be an a huge value even if I priced it at $2,000.

Seriously.  He told me I way, way under-charge for this, compared to everything else out there.

And that’s with the normal price at $297.

This week, it’s only $197.

But only until tomorrow, at 6 PM US Central time.

Click here to get this copywriting training that’s easily worth $2,000 for less than $200 today.

Make this a breakthrough you get by investing in yourself.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr