Here’s a surprise new take on Video Friday…

Earlier this week, my coach and friend Joseph Rodrigues released an “insights and perspectives” video on my book — The Copywriter’s Guide To Getting Paid.

In case you’re not familiar, Joseph does a few things with these videos.

First, he grabs critical points from the book, that he believes represent the core principles he got from reading.  This is often done in the form of direct quotes, with Joseph reflecting on the quote.

Second, he shares his experience related to the topic in the book, giving his own perspective — and often adding brand new depth and dimension.

Third, he shares extra insights that come up in the flow of creating the video and covering the book, that are often just as thought provoking as the original content from the book.

Even if you’ve read the book before, these videos can give you a brand new take and perspective that will only deepen your own understanding.  With ideas that supplement and build on the book itself, drawn from Joseph’s experience and personal study.

And if you haven’t read the book, he summarizes key topics as both an inspiration to go deeper and a study guide for when you do.

He delivered in spades for my book, The Copywriter’s Guide To Getting Paid — and I’m grateful he shared.

And so I thought it would make for a good Video Friday to share with you.

Watch Joseph’s video.

And if you haven’t yet grabbed a copy, I did just do a new print run so I have a few in stock.  Remember: you get the book free if you cover shipping, but ONLY when you order here:

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

PS: On Dan Kennedy: I was mistaken.  He is currently alive, in hospice care, for what are thought to be his final days.

When I heard from what I thought were reliable sources yesterday that he had passed away, I was stricken with the same grief you may have felt about the loss of one of my greatest marketing heroes.  I wrote from the heart, and hit “publish.”

After publication, I was directed to multiple messages from folks like Matt Furey and Lee Milteer, who know him well, who said he is hanging in there so far.  Which I believe is still the case as I write this.

With respect to Matt’s quote, “Beware the naked marketer who tells you, Dan Kennedy, the king of marketing, is dead, when he’s still alive,” I am the naked marketer.

I’ve unpublished my tribute for now, and wish Dan the very best, for his sake and for all of those (us) who love and have been touched by him as a person, and through his work.

Thanks Dan, you truly are a Titan.