Call me SHOCKED — and dripping wet with sarcasm…

Google has declared they’re doing a “Helpful content update” to their search results algorithms.

Since when is it news that Google wants helpful content for their users?

Since when is it news that Google doesn’t want you to game the system to show up higher in the search results?

I mean…

C’mon people!

And yet, that’s EXACTLY what’s going on.

I don’t normally talk about SEO.  For reasons I talk about in today’s episode.

But this latest “Helpful content update” from Google is both BIG and confirms what I’ve taught about SEO for a long time (whenever I have mentioned it).

And so I thought it would be worth revisiting SEO in the context of this update in today’s episode…

Google Slap strikes again!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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