What do marketing and copywriting clients want TODAY?

Today, another video issue.  I was already planning on doing more videos, and with the shutdown and homeschooling and plenty of work on my plate I’m finding they’re a great way to deliver more value — fast — in a busy schedule.

This came in response to a BTMSinsiders member’s question…

Hey Roy, you’re the Manzini.

So I had original plans to basically create an entire offer/biz around the Most Valuable Customer Strategy audit. Adapted with my own knowledge as well.

I wanted to know your thoughts on that given the economic situation.

And if you were to do something similar, what your advice would be?

I understand not to take everything 100% but I would appreciate your insight.


David R.

There’s a very specific problem many businesses need to have solved right now…

This isn’t a “nice to have” or a “want to have” — it’s a “need to have.”

It’s also the biggest opportunity with the fastest upside for them.  Which means quick success for you.  And the potential to have a friend for life, and a client who will come back over and over again.

And a client who will want a lot more marketing help as everything opens back up again.

Watch Now: Get More Marketing Clients Today…

Your Manzini for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr