Today’s video is about getting copywriting experience…

Today, I’m known for writing long-form sales letters — as long as 10,000 words each — designed to convert on cold traffic.

But that’s not where I got my start.

And I wouldn’t necessarily suggest you get your start there, either.

When getting started, you need to think in terms of VOLUME.

Putting in the reps.

Putting out a lot of copy.  Getting a lot of feedback from the market.

Today, I tell my story of how my first marketing job made me a better copywriter.

Plus I give examples of others that followed a similar path.

Sometimes, the path to the promised land can feel a little longer if you start with an opportunity like this.

More work.  Less immediate gratification.

But I’m convinced it’s actually the fastest, easiest way to the upper echelons of copywriting success.

It’s all in today’s video.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr