He said to only have ONE offer…

Write ONE piece of copy.

Have one go-to project or offer as a new freelancer.

That’s the best way to get started, he said.

And while I agree with the principle behind the statement…

I don’t always think it’s the best advice.

I was having an email exchange with a BTMSinsiders member about this topic.

About some advice he’d seen from an “A-list copywriter.”

And I decided to make a video with a more nuanced and complete answer to how focused you need to be as a new freelancer (copywriter or otherwise).

Here’s our emails…

— Mike: —

I’m writing to you today to get a second opinion on something I recently saw on You Tube.

A few days ago, I watched a video from an A-list copywriter where the person suggested focusing on just one area of copywriting when starting out.

I’m currently reaching out to prospective clients offering my services to write overflow copy, while simultaneously taking an AWAI course on email writing. Email campaigns are what I’m most interested in.

So should I be targeting prospects with just that service now and then gradually move into other areas as I get more experience working with clients?

Thank you Roy.

— Me: —

A lot of overflow copy is emails. How do you see them as different?

— Mike: —

I was referring more to focusing my services on email campaigns and not necessarily the other parts of overflow work such as web banners, ordering devices, customer testimonials, etc., for the time being.

His video talked about when he started out, he just focused on white papers at first.

That was really the crux of the question: should I focus on just one area of overflow copy (emails)?

Thanks Roy.

— Me: —

For you in particular, I might recommend offering saying something along the lines of, “Do you have any email campaigns or other overflow copy you’d like any help with?”

It allows you to lead with the email campaigns, and by saying “other overflow copy,” it ties the email into overflow copy, which is pretty well established as a nice entry point for copywriters.

Plus it does allow you to get experience with the client even if they don’t have the email needs right now.

The answer gets more nuanced…

In my Core Offer training, I say you should have one core offer.

And, in fact, NOT having a core offer is a key reason many copywriters never make it past the six-figure mark.

(They’re stuck in the WWFF Fallacy, as I explain in today’s video.)

But here I am recommending otherwise?

As you’ll see, it all comes down to the type of experience you’re getting.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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