What’s your emotional reaction to selling?

Have you recently thought something you saw was salesy and thus bad?

I had someone unsubscribe from Breakthrough Marketing Secrets the other day.

Their feedback?

That I was selling them something, instead of just giving away everything for free.

I mean, they put it differently…


The point was that somehow they decided they didn’t want me selling anything.  Or, you know, marketing.  To my email list.  About marketing.

Very interesting.

This is what Perry Marshall calls Financial Head Trash…

These are our emotions and beliefs around money, that keep us from getting money.

Many of us have at least a trash can full of financial head trash.

Others, dumpsters.

Some of us, the whole landfill.

We somehow believe that getting money is bad.

And yet here we are in marketing, selling, and entrepreneurship — where selling is 100% essential to success.

You can’t hold this belief and be effective at selling at the same time.

You have to believe that selling a product of value, in whatever way works, is of the utmost ethics and morals.

In fact, if I believe my product makes your life better, I’m doing you a disservice by NOT doing everything I can to get you to buy.

More on this shift, plus the “offending” sales message, in today’s video.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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