I thought I wasn’t afraid of AI tools like ChatGPT outpacing and replacing me as a copywriter…

But in the last couple weeks, as all the exciting news has come out, about all the new AI tools and capabilities…

And as I’ve played with those same tools, and realized just how powerful they’re becoming…

A creeping dread snuck up on me.

Vague, at first.

Almost imperceptible.

But then, it grew.  And grew.

My mind grew cloudy.  My body, tense.

And as I reflected and journaled about what was going on…

I came to the realization that I’m kinda terrified.  Not for the capabilities of AI right now.  But for what they will likely become.

And very quickly.

Before ChatGPT, I vastly underestimated what was coming in terms of AI writing capabilities.

Then there was a quantum leap.  Far beyond my expectations.

And today, I recognize that even GPT-4 is a long ways from replacing an A-list copywriter.

But a couple more quantum leaps?

Well, I wanted to reflect on this fear and what it means for us as copywriters and marketers…

Feeling Vulnerable About AI Tools Replacing Copywriters?

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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