Last Thursday, Facebook’s stock CRASHED 26% — and wiped out $232 BILLION in value from the stock…

What does this have to do with advertising?


While this one-day movement in Facebook’s stock doesn’t directly impact you from an advertising perspective…

The REASON WHY their stock got wiped out — the REAL reason — is ultra-relevant to online advertisers and entrepreneurs.

FIRST: It should be a warning that online advertising is changing, FAST, and within 3-5 years it will not look anything like it does today.

SECOND: Every change presents opportunity to those who look for it, and this is no different if you understand what’s going on.

Check out today’s episode where I break down the truth behind Facebook’s stock crash, and what it means for Facebook and other online advertising in 2022 and beyond…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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