I was frustrated when I hit record on this one…

So it comes with a warning label: Don’t listen if you’re easily offended.

Because some days I feel like there’s just a huge ocean of perpetual beginners in marketing and copywriting…

That’s the nice word for it.  You could also call them wannabes.  (I do, at least once in this episode — I also call them worse.)

No hate if you’re just new and on the path to getting experience.

The problem is when you’re always startING and you never actually start.

And you’re constantly blaming someone or something else because you’re not getting anywhere.

Okay, I’ve said enough.  If you’re not going to whine about it, go ahead and press play — and maybe you’ll find some inspiration or motivation for the next action you need to take…

It’s not your fault (or is it?)

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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