Should copywriters use a swipe file?

In today’s video I share a real-life story of the copywriter who yelled at me…  Then called my client’s customer service line to complain about me…  And finally got a hold of my boss to file a formal grievance…

When I called HIM out for stealing copy written by other copywriters!

I also share the difference between effective (and legal) swiping that ACTUALLY works to get results, versus what that clueless dude did that got him BLACKLISTED.

If you really want to write great copy…

It’s NOT about swiping words and phrases, and other peoples’ headlines.

It’s about understanding the psychology and deep structure — like I teach in High-Velocity Copywriting.

There’s a difference.  And it’s critical.

Watch the video for the story plus full details…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr