What role does a copywriter play in marketing design?

That’s the question I got from a subscriber recently…

Hey, Roy.

I’m a newbie in copywriting. I’ve been studying various copy samples including landing pages, e-mails, and even sales pages.

You know what, Roy? I even went through your advert for the generators where you talked about the Russian satellite. The genius to think of a generator in terms of a malicious satellite? Mindblowing.

Roy, the landing page layout and the images, who comes up with that? Is it the website designer or the copy person?

In the case that one is a freelance copywriter, does one just choose convincing words for the client, or does a copywriter go into detail explaining how the landing page should be designed?

I look forward to seeing a response from you.



Here’s a hint: design is critical to response…

And my main goal isn’t to write.  It’s to get response.

So I consider marketing design to fall on my shoulders — at least on the level of design direction and oversight.

I have to bring ideas.

I have to make recommendations.

I have to give guidance.

I should know exactly what I want it to look like, not just what words need to be there.

And then when I’m working with a talented designer like Lori Haller (mentioned in today’s video), I ALSO trust her to bring her own experience and ideas and concepts, sometimes totally different from my own.

Design also plays 3 critical roles in direct response…

… Which I shared in today’s video, alongside my answer to the question above.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

PS: That generator promo mentioned in the question and today’s video?  It sold over $1 million worth of generators.  And it’s a pretty powerful piece of story-based copy.  I do a line-by-line breakdown as a bonus to the Story Selling Master Class, included with BTMSinsiders membership.