This one big idea can make you a much better copywriter…

I decided NOT to do a book this week, but another resource I got from one of the world’s greatest copywriters — Clayton Makepeace.

It’s the Clayton Makepeace PDF of copywriting checklists that I got as a poster, just before launching my full-time freelance business.

Specifically, his Pretty Darned Good Outline for writing long-form direct response copy.

I used that to write my first million-dollar promos.

(I know many other copywriters did the exact same thing!)

And it continues to have a huge influence on my copywriting today.

Watch the video to discover the One Big Idea takeaway I got from that one piece of paper.

Clayton also gave me permission to teach based on my experience using his outline to write my first few million-dollar plus sales letters for clients. That webinar is a bonus in my High-Velocity Copywriting program.

This was a huge breakthrough in my ability to write long-form direct response copy.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr