Okay, this is crazy — NOT what I expected from ChatGPT at all…

I was putting together some demos of how to use ChatGPT for copywriting market research…

And I picked a product and market category I’d NEVER worked in.

“Bladder Leakage.”

There was a copywriting reason for it.  I’d found an affiliate offer that was doing particularly well around this.

So as a copywriter, I imagined a scenario where I would be brought in to work on this…

Or even where I might develop an affiliate funnel around this product.

Either way, I’d want to know what the experience of a prospect in this market would be like.

This is the exact kind of market research we have to do.

And WOW…

I put my prompt into ChatGPT, but never expected what came out!

Check out what I got ChatGPT to write! 

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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