This is the best way to get my breakthroughs customized to YOUR business...

This is the best way to get my breakthroughs customized to YOUR business…

Hey Rainmaker, let’s talk about how to create really big breakthroughs, fast, completely customized to your situation and your business…

One of the services I offer — especially for new clients — is a half-day consultation session.  In this session, I dive into your business, and look at everything you’re doing now and everything you could be doing.

— If you’re working on your funnel, we work on funnel strategy.

— If you’re working on lead generation, we work on lead generation strategy.

— If you’re looking to maximize profits from your current customer base, we do that.

We look at what you’re doing, what’s working, what’s not, what would yield better results, and so on…

It’s always a dialog.  While I have a set of questions I like to ask (roughly based on my Total Business Breakthrough Marketing Audit), it’s totally customized to you.

I’m able to draw on my decade-plus experience in marketing and business-building, and bring my experience and knowledge to bear on your toughest marketing challenges.

And the reality is…

If you take action on the opportunities we identify in those four hours, your business could be completely transformed…

One client of mine totally transformed his business by moving from one-time sales to subscriptions, and now has reliable and consistently-growing revenue every month, for years on end…

Another took one recommendation in a short 5-minute conversation, and made a small change that added half a million in annual profit to his business…

I was just talking to someone else — this one, not a client — who said his biggest challenges with his clients was getting them to add a certain type of product to their lineup.  I gave him a specific model for how to actually offer this as a “done for you” service that he could charge top dollar for, on top of the other services he offers.  Not only would that mean more immediate revenue, but also better results across the board for his clients and his own business.

The big lesson in this?  Little hinges swing big doors.

My company is named Fresh Look, Inc.  Not because I do design.  Quite the contrary.  Rather, because I provide that outside perspective on your business — that “fresh look” — that will help you uncover this “little hinge” opportunities to swing open big doors of profit in your business.

My sweet spot is in helping you find breakthroughs…

While I’m well-known as a top copywriter in a number of the most competitive direct response industries, this is really my secret weapon.

Before a single word of copy is ever written, I help my clients identify and leverage these opportunities in their business to bring in more customers, get the customers spending more money each time they come in, and getting them coming back over and over again.

Sometimes this is a little tweak.

Sometimes this is a re-imagining of your entire business.

Either way, it gives you a very specific action plan for creating massive impact in your business.

A bit of an admission though…

I’ve never made this service “publicly” available…

For whatever reason, I’ve mostly kept this hidden.  Brought it out as a great entry point when I’ve started talking to the businesses that would really benefit.  Other than that, I’ve kept it under wraps.

Maybe it’s a pricing thing.  It’s actually quite expensive for the wrong folks, and if you’re not a fit the price may turn you off.

But if you’re running the type of business where if I gave a little tweak that boosted profits 5% it’d be worth tens of thousands…

And if I were to give you a big breakthrough we’re talking hundreds of thousands of even millions of dollars…

I risk this looking questionably UNDER-priced for you.

After all, if I were to show you, in less than four hours, a simple way to add $100,000 to your business every year…  That’d be worth, $10,000, $20,000, even $50,000 or more…

(Heck, if it’s the kind of thing you could use year after year after year, it’d make sense to pay me the full $100,000 this year, confident it’d be worth 10X that in a decade!)

But most folks would cringe over the idea of paying $50,000 for even the most valuable four hours of my time.

That’s why — at least for now — I’ve priced this service at $3,500.

That said, I’ve got about 5 more of these that I can do between now and the end of the year.

And I guess I’m feeling a bit generous.  Because I’d love to serve you as a Breakthrough Marketing Secrets reader.  I want to make it even easier for you to take advantage of one of those last five slots.

I just enabled online payments for this service.

Right now, it’s kind of hidden — as in, available here only.

And the web system for it is minimal — it’s simply to process the payments so I can start a conversation with you, schedule the consult, and so on.  When your payment comes through, I’ll reach out with full details.

But if you’ll put up with my “under construction” mess of a not-quite-ready online system, I’ll take a full 20%  — $700 — off the price.

Click here to order your half-day, business-transforming consultation with me now.

It should automatically apply the coupon “octoberlove” to drop the price from $3,500 to $2,800.  If it doesn’t — and you’re ordering before October 31st — simply enter the coupon code “octoberlove” to get the $700 discount.

At the end of the call, one of three things will happen…

  1. You’ll be totally and completely satisfied that I gave you a breakthrough strategy (or a bunch of ‘em) that you can use to immediately boost your business, and you’re going to run off and start applying it yourself.
  2. You’ll be totally and completely satisfied that you got specific, actionable breakthrough strategies that you want my help applying, and I’ll apply 100% of your half-day consultation fee to a project we do together in 2016.
  3. Or, you’ll decide — for whatever reason — that you’re not totally and completely satisfied, in which case you’ll get a prompt and courteous full refund of your investment.

The worst that happens is you’re out nothing.  The best that happens is you get a breakthrough you can immediately use to accelerate profits and growth in your business.

Is this a standard Breakthrough Marketing Secrets lesson?

Maybe, maybe not.  If you do nothing else as a result of reading this, recognize that there are opportunities hidden in your business right now to accelerate growth, and increase your profits.

If you’re not ready for me to come in and find them for you, look for them yourself.  This is the kind of “working on your business” work that’s highly recommended by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, and something you should make a habit throughout the year.

And if you are ready for me to provide that fresh look, click here now to grab one of the 5 remaining consultations I have left this year.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets