Who are your best potential clients when you’re NEW to your field?

When you don’t have enough (or any) real experience…

When you look at the best in the industry and you think they’re a million miles away…

When you’re not great or even really good, yet…

Who is the best client for you to go after?

That’s the main topic of today’s video…

There’s a simple rule to follow to find your best-fit clients…

And if you follow this, you’ll always have an opportunity to serve.

To lift them up.

To help your clients do better, and get better results.

This advice feels obvious once you hear it — but it’s profound once you use it.

It will help you get some experience, then more, then more.

Getting better and better clients as you go.

Watch now and find your best clients.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

The Client-Getting Blueprint