Are you ready to be an EXCEPTIONAL copywriter?

Copywriting and marketing are FLOODED with wannabes.

It’s our fault, as copywriting teachers.

We’ve marketed this as a money-making business opportunity.

But there’s a major downside.

This has a 2X negative impact on you.

First, many wannabe copywriters get STUCK as wannabes.  Because they aren’t ready for the cold, hard reality of success.

Second, exceptional copywriters struggle to stand out in a field of wannabes.  This is doubly hard and frustrating when you’re first making a name for yourself.

With understanding comes liberation.

Today’s episode covers a DEEP TRUTH of what it takes to be an exceptional copywriter…

…  And brings together lessons from Mike Palmer of Stansberry Research, Seth Godin, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, and Peter Shallard from Commit Action coaching.  (It’s meaty!)

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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