Today, I am thankful for YOU…

It’s not just because it’s Thanksgiving though.

In fact, last night I had my son at his piano lesson.  It’s a group lesson.  And the teacher did a little exercise.  It involved asking everyone what they were thankful for — and playing with the rhythm of the words in their answer.  Kinda fun game.  All kinds of applications.

But what struck me most was the tone of her voice when she asked what they were thankful for.

It was like she never asks that question.  Like she expected this to be a NEW question for the kids.  Like they’re never asked what they’re thankful for.  Or, at least, that this is only a question that’s discussed this one time per year.

My son, however, is well-practiced.

A while back, I made it part of our bedtime routine.  Just before I say goodnight, I ask him, his brother, and his sister, “What are you thankful for?”  Sometimes, if they have trouble answering that, I ask them “Who are you thankful for?”

Every night, just before they go to bed.  We discuss something that we’re grateful for.

At first, it wasn’t a question they knew how to answer.  Today, they’re often ready with their answer before I ask the question.  They’re thinking about it already.

Being thankful has become a habit.

Which brings me back to you.

I have a global readership, but because I’m here in the US, it’s Thanksgiving time for me.

The holiday itself is tomorrow — but I’m taking that and Friday off for Family time.  So this is the last daily Breakthrough Marketing Secrets issue of the week.

Which means this is our official Thanksgiving issue.

And so even though I am regularly thankful for you, as a loyal reader of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, today is a great time to bring that into the conversation again.

To tell you that I am thankful for you.

Today, yesterday, tomorrow — all 365 days of the year.

I don’t need a holiday to practice gratitude.  I don’t need a holiday to be thankful.

There is great power in gratitude…

Making gratitude a habit is incredibly powerful on so many levels.

It reminds you of what an amazing opportunity we have, right now, just in being alive and breathing.

While there are many opportunities to make the world a better place, we are also in a time of incredible abundance, where more people are living with more wealth than at any time in human history.

200 years ago, most of us would have lived at subsistence levels, with almost none of the resources we enjoy today.

And even then we could have been happy, by cultivating gratitude and thanksgiving for what we had.

Today we have even more to be thankful for.

Here’s a quick exercise you can do daily, to cultivate thanksgiving 365 days of the year…

It’s three simple questions, based on three words: High, Low, Hero.

  1. High: What was your high point today? Who and what contributed to making that happen?
  2. Low: What was your low point today? What can be done to make that better for next time?
  3. Hero: Who was a hero to you, or who were you a hero to today?

I discovered this recently, and promptly lost the source.  But they were my hero that day, and I am grateful for them!

Think of it as a game.  Play it on a regular basis and you’ll be constantly reminded of what’s good in your life, you’ll find opportunities to do better, and you’ll remain focused on the power of helping and serving others.

Those three things together will bring abundant happiness, and more…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr