Ever feel STUCK trying to figure out how to get clients?

You can go YEARS with a business that’s only kind of working…

Finding freelance listings…

Relying on gig sites and odd jobs…

But mostly feeling like your business and career are a whole lot LESS than they could be.

Where you’ve got enough work to put food on the table.

But you really feel like you’re bouncing from gig to gig — and you’re not really a business OWNER in charge of your destiny.

You might consider a mix of options to get unstuck…

In fact, that’s exactly what one of my subscribers had been doing…

For too long…

Stuck in analysis paralysis!

So she wrote me and asked for my advice…

Specifically she wanted to know…

Which of her 3 choices were best to start getting clients?

Hey Roy!

A question came up for me that I would LOVE if you answered on Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

This is where I’ve been stuck for a LONG time now!

For the past 4 years I have gotten about 98% of my leads from Upwork. Most of those leads are inbound. Clients come to me and ask me if I want to submit a proposal to their job. And  in other more rare cases I will occasionally  pitch clients who post on the Upwork job board.

It’s been great having a reasonably steady flow of leads directly to my inbox.

BUT I feel like I have been kind of coasting on luck and good fortune.

I don’t feel like a real business owner that is a control of her lead gen. I am at the mercy of hoping that whoever shows up on Upwork will be a good fit for me.  I don’t have a predictable repeatable system for generating leads I am interested in and this makes me feel vulnerable.

The reason I haven’t taken action on changing this is because I have been stuck between 3 options. (Analysis paralysis!).

So, I would LOVE to get your take on the pros and cons on each of these 3 lead gen methods so I can make an informed decision and move forward.

Option 1: Cold pitching. Create a list of dream clients and pitch them directly. (I have dabbled in this a bit but not enough to say whether or not the method is a good fit for me.)

Option 2: Content marketing. Either post value-add articles on LinkedIn or create a SEO-friendly blog of value-add/authority content and draw clients in that way.

Option 3: Create a lead magnet/PDF/White Paper/video or whatever and use paid FB or Google ads to get people to download the lead magnet. And use email marketing to build relationships with the leads and invite them to sales calls. So, essentially an email funnel.

Any of the 3 could work but I would like more info on the pitfalls of each as well as the advantages of each.

If you could share some insights I would be so grateful.

If not, that’s fine too. Thanks for all the amazing content you’ve already put out there.

I appreciate you.  Stay AWESOME!


I share my answer in today’s video…

Explaining the role that EACH can play in her future business success…

Plus which one to start with, and why…

And the pitfalls of doing the other two too early.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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