Do you want a mentor?

Have you ever asked someone to mentor you?

I got a lot of requests like this.

People new to copywriting — who want me to start their career for them.

If you want this kind of mentorship, I have some tough love for you.

Most people aren’t ready for mentorship.

They don’t have the right mindset.

And, in fact, they threaten to steal the time and energy of any mentor who mistakenly takes them on.

I’ve had both good and bad mentorship relationships…

And there’s definitely a difference between who will be a good mentee, and who will be terrible.

The good ones have a very specific quality.

Something they are willing to do, before they approach you.

It definitely comes across as me being self-serving to say this.

But in my experience, this is the #1 criteria you need to meet before asking someone to mentor you.

I know some will disagree with me.

And they can point to their own experiences to the contrary.

But this tough love is what I know, based on almost a decade of off-and-on helping copywriters, marketers, and business owners grow their career and business.

See if you agree.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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