It’s easy to feel like an impostor when you haven’t even really gotten started yet…

I mean, it’s so easy to buy an infinite amount of books, programs, and memberships, to keep learning.

And you can subscribe to even more emails, channels, and podcasts for free.

(And let’s not forget that you can spend years in school learning something with ZERO real-world application of the skill.)

You can keep learning forever, before you ever start doing…

It becomes easy to think you’re not good enough yet…

That you need another training or degree or certification or blessing from someone.

Meanwhile, your life is slipping away and you’re not DOING or ACHIEVING anything.

I feel it.

And maybe that’s not exactly the case of this person who asked this question, but it’s the destination this path will take you…


How do we know when our copywriting skills are at the level when we can start getting clients?



In today’s episode, I answer the question of when you’ll be good enough…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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