Today’s episode is very different…

It starts with a true story of my failure.

I’ve decided to more proactively work on my confidence…

Now you may see my work, especially my daily episodes, and think I have confidence…

And I do — in my work.  Where I already have credibility and recognition.

But I want broader confidence.  In every area of my life.

So I enrolled in a confidence training course.

And when I was hit with the first REAL action step to go out and practice courage and confidence…

Fear stopped me in my tracks.

So I decided to share that story in today’s episode.

Plus share some lessons I’m getting reinforced on this journey.

That, when applied, will make you a more successful entrepreneur, marketer, copywriter, human being — whatever you want to be.

Check out today’s episode for the true story of my failure, and the lesson in success, fear, courage, and confidence that came with it…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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