(source flickr:Colin_K)Okay.

We’re a week into the daily publication of my Breakthrough Marketing Secrets emails.

And I think it’s time to reveal my master plan.

At least part of it.

(And don’t tune out because you think this is about me — there are lessons in here for YOU, too.)

You see, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years making my clients millions of dollars.

And I’ve lived a good lifestyle because of it.

That’s the best part about being in the direct response business. If you know how to make sales, your clients will reward you for it. And I’ve created mondo sales infusions for my clients.

However, there’s little LEVERAGE in being a marketing consultant and copywriter.

Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach teaches that there are two economies.

1. The Time and Effort Economy: What you get out of life is based on the time and effort you put in. There’s no leverage here.

2. The Results Economy: What you get out of life is based on the results you generate. This is where all the leverage is.

And yes, I’ve been living in The Results Economy for a while now.

My clients pay me a big fee to put together a marketing campaign for them. And that’s time and effort.

But then they pay me a royalty on the sales generated. That’s results.

One big problem with this whole equation though.


I love ‘em and hate ‘em.

And it’s mostly my fault.

I’m stubborn as hell. I want things my way. And I’m not very open to tinkering.

But here’s the thing about most of the entrepreneurs I work with.

They’re also stubborn as hell. They want things their way. And they’re not very open to tinkering.

Which basically means that I can do everything I want to make a marketing campaign successful. And no matter what I do, there’s a big likelihood that the client is going to change something, tweak something, or do something wrong that totally screws it up.

And if the client screws up my campaign, I’m getting kicked out of the results economy. (That’s why I ALWAYS charge a fee on top of royalties — because without that, I’d be in the NOTHING economy.)

This is what Gary Halbert famously said “Clients Suck.” And put it on a baseball hat that he wore at a seminar speaking to clients and prospective clients.

It’s also why many of the world’s top direct marketing copywriters end up going off on our own, and starting our own biz.

Well, I’ve tinkered with doing my own thing for a while, and had some successes. But everything I’ve done up until this point has been in niches too small to make a real living.

And also, in hiding in these obscure niches…

I’ve been ignoring my biggest strength.

Which has been providing REAL business owners, and serious, sophisticated marketers with BREAKTHROUGH strategies to help them increase their profits.

Building campaigns…

Developing launch sequences…

Giving insights into what works in copy and messaging…

Finding markets…

Maximizing profits…

All that good stuff.

And I know that despite MASSIVE amounts of BAD information out there in the internet marketing and business opportunity niches…

There’s a HUGE opportunity in sharing real, proven, tested marketing, advertising, selling, and business growth advice with people who will USE IT to grow their REAL businesses.

This isn’t magic pill…

There’s no easy button here…

Just real marketing techniques and strategies that work to multiply your business.

(The secrets, strategies, and occasional tactics I’ve picked up from working with the world’s top results-driven marketers for the last few years now.)

And so I’m doubling down.

I’m getting serious.

And I’m adding leverage to my skills, knowledge, and experience…

For YOUR benefit!

I’ve started this DAILY email newsletter and blog, which is 100% FREE.

I’ll post my insights, rants, thoughts, reactions, and solid strategies for growing your business.

I’m also neck-deep into my first BOOK, which will share the title of this site, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets…

My goal with this book is that it becomes the BIBLE of direct response strategies and principles… The proven approaches that can be applied in any business, using any media… And it’s well on its way… (Just wait until I start sharing some of the content.)

And, for those who are SERIOUS IMPLEMENTERS who want my best strategies every month, I will soon be launching a PRINT NEWSLETTER. That’s right, paper and ink, baby.

It will contain EXCLUSIVE content specifically designed to give you a massive advantage over even those who only read these daily updates. All proven principles and strategies, presented for immediate and profitable use.

Beyond that, I will be offering exclusive access to me for coaching and consulting on your marketing strategies and campaigns. IF AND ONLY IF you are dedicated to fast action, implementation, and testing.

Plus the opportunity to work directly with me, to get inside your business and create immediate breakthroughs.

This doesn’t mean I’m putting away my keyboard, and not taking on any more copywriting clients. However, I’ve already begun to be much harder to get to. My schedule is harder now to get onto than it ever has been.

And yet, through everything that’s coming here in Breakthrough Marketing Strategies, more business owners, entrepreneurs, and serious, sophisticated marketers will have access to my insights than ever before.

Stay tuned.

To bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets