Your market is crowded, there’s lots of competition — how do you position yourself and stand out as unique?

I get this question pretty often, and I got it again…


Can you offer any recommendations on 1) Answering the question what makes me different, unique, etc. in a crowded market. 2) Creating effective specific messaging to attract those ready to raise their hand, now and/or in future.


You ask, and I answer!

First, I’ll say: You DO NOT need unique positioning!

I know this goes against everything you’ve ever been taught regarding Unique Selling Propositions, etc…

But on the assumption that this person is running a service business (though, honestly, this applies to products, too)…

There’s something MORE IMPORTANT than uniqueness, and uniqueness for its own sake can be destructive.

That’s actually the first of 5 secrets to powerful positioning I offer in today’s episode of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

Plus I answer the second part of Pat’s question…

And give 3 specific strategies that work together to get your best prospects to raise their hand.

It’s all in this value-packed episode…

Get 5 secrets to powerful positioning plus 3 steps to get clients.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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