FOR THE WIN! Because, why else are you doing this?

FOR THE WIN! Because, why else are you reading this?

There’s one thing — above all others — that leads to success…

Rainmaker, I got another kudos from a reader.  This was the reader who asked me to review his AWAI restaurant letter — which I did as a video review here.

His email subject was “Thanks Roy” and the body was copied and pasted from his AWAI reviewer…


Great work on submitting a letter based on a reviewer’s feedback. It’s a great learning tool and practice for the real world of working with clients. Let’s check out your new copy.

In your headline you’ve made it much more specific, which means more powerful. Great! In your letter, you’ve also included much more detail about this famous pizza. I can almost taste it after reading your copy. Great! Speaking of Picture, the new structure of the letter, with the history moved farther down, is much more effective in engaging the reader and stirring an emotional response.

Overall, the new copy flows very well and you’ve ended up with an effective direct response letter that hits all four Ps. Good luck on future projects, XXXXX. You’ve done well with this exercise.


AWAI Reviewer

Again I’ve blocked out names just to keep it confidential, but I did get permission to share this note.

This reader followed my recommendations in revising his AWAI restaurant letter, and got a nice gold star from the reviewers as a response.

The next — and far more important — step is to translate what he learned from that assignment to “live” copy in the marketplace.

But I have to return the kudos to this reader, because he did the one thing that is more important than anything else in achieving success as a result of reading these daily emails, or any other personal development activity you may undertake…

He applied what he learned!

Just do it!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  Nike’s ad agency hit on an eternal truth in fitness, life, business, and more when they landed on those three words.  And so Nike gets free advertising in essay after essay from me because I can’t find a better way to encapsulate one of the core secrets of success.

Thoreau, in Walden, said “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  (Women, too, I’ll add!)

In my book, there’s a very clear reason why.  It’s because most people aren’t really doing anything with their lives!

Sure, they may get a good job, and accumulate crap that they don’t need, or money that buys security but not happiness.

But all the while, they don’t feel fulfilled.  YOU don’t feel fulfilled.


Because even though you may do things that make you feel good in the moment, you’re not driving toward a greater purpose…  You’re simply surviving, you’re not living!

If you want to LIVE and ENJOY LIFE (and enjoy material, psychological, and spiritual riches) you have to DO THINGS!

Every day of the week, you get my email in your inbox.  Every day of the week, you hear from me.

Some folks get it and read it to feel — at least in the moment — that they’re moving forward.

Some folks get it and don’t read it, having decided long ago that they got whatever they wished out of signing up.  (For some people the mere act of signing up for things or buying products is enough to get the endorphin rush — so they become info product junkies who will never accomplish anything!)

But the folks who are most likely to succeed…

The folks who maximize their ROI out of my daily emails…

Those are the folks who read each issue mindfully…  Reflect on the lesson even momentarily…  And think about what they can do to apply what they’ve learned in their own life and business.

I only partially write this email for intellectual masturbation — mostly I write it so YOU WILL READ IT, APPLY IT, and PROFIT FROM IT!

I do get minor personal benefit out of this email.  I’ve gotten clients, made sales, and made some money.  Also, I am able to reflect on and clarify my own thoughts in every issue.

However I’m not doing this just for me!  If so, I’d be writing in a journal — NOT for the world to read.

I’m writing it because I seriously want YOU to do what that copywriter did above, and take the lessons to heart and begin to apply them.

I’ve had copywriters get jobs and gigs that have led to tens-of-thousands in income.  I’ve helped folks beat difficult controls.  I’ve actually been responsible for employer-employee relationships, where both connected after starting to read these daily essays.

Folks have used my strategies to boost sales and profits in their going businesses.  To get more customers, and get them spending more.

Why have readers achieved such success as a result of reading Breakthrough Marketing Secrets?

Simply put, because I’m fulfilling on the promise I started this service under…

To share the marketing and advertising strategies of the world’s most successful, results-driven direct response marketers.

Most of it I’ve learned or discovered first-hand, because these are the folks I work with, follow as an industry insider, and occasionally have the great pleasure of having informal mentorship relationships with.

I pay attention to what they say, apply it, see how it works for me, and then distill it for you to do the same.

Most of what I’m sharing comes from at least some level of personal experience with the specific strategy.  In a few cases, I simply trust the source well enough that if they say it works, I feel confident recommending it to you.  Because I know they’ve tested it seven ways till Sunday and they’ve shared it because it works.

Either way, we’re not dealing in conjecture or mere academic theory.

This stuff works.  It’s tested and proven in real-world scenarios.

Now it’s up to you to put it to work for you.

And that, my friend, may be the biggest breakthrough of all.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets