Most copywriters use their swipe files all wrong…

Which is why almost every time I talk about swipe files, I tell you: do not use a swipe file!

But last week, one of my episodes was swiped.

No, nobody swiped it from me.

I swiped the idea from someone else.

I used an idea I got from someone else as the hook for my episode…

In fact, it was from Andy Frisella, from his Real AF Podcast (you may also know him from the now-retired MFCEO podcast).


My “swiped” episode was one of my most popular recent episodes!

So, have I changed my tune about swipe files?

Not exactly.

What I did was what I consider “ethical swiping.”

It’s also WAY more effective than the kind of amateurish swiping I see being taught in all kids of copywriter forums and copywriter groups online, and even in expensive copywriting programs.

So today, I thought I’d break it down for you…

Case study style…

And share my method for “ethical swiping” versus the amateur crap I see everywhere else.

Check out today’s episode for ethical swiping for copywriters.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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