The client only wants to pay you if you “beat the control” — should you take it?

Saw a discussion on Facebook today.

It was a question from a copywriter who had a “beat the control” opportunity.

They were curious whether or not they should take it.

On one hand, it was a foot-in-the-door opportunity with an ideal client…

On the other hand, it represented the potential for doing weeks’ worth of work and NOT GETTING PAID.

I’ve been wanting to record a video about these beat the control challenges…

But I was only going to talk about what they were.

… Like, a boring definition.  (That’s why I hadn’t done it yet!)

This question added a whole new dimension to the topic.

And allowed me to talk about all the questions you might ask…

The opportunity…

The risks…

The considerations…

How I’d make the decision…

And a whole lot more.

It ran long — more than 23 minutes — but I believe it’s a pretty epic breakdown of what these opportunities are and how you might go about deciding whether or not they’d be a fit for you.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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