“People make buying decisions based on emotion, then justify with logic.”

You’ve probably heard that quote before…

It’s a smart one to remember — but you have to make sure you take away the right lesson from it.

Because it’s easy to think, “Oh if they buy based on emotion, I need to get better at emotional copywriting.”

And that may be true, but you ALSO need to get better at logical copywriting.

You have to give them the logic to justify their buying decision…

I find a lot of novice copywriters are not so great at this.

The superficial details of their copywriting are pretty good.

Their writing sounds good on a sentence-by-sentence basis.

But when it comes to the total flow and structure of their message, it just doesn’t hit.

To take their copy to the next level, it takes creating a logical structure underneath the emotional message.

Today’s episode goes deep on the essential copywriting skill of creating logical structure…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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