Can you earn 5% royalties with just email copywriting?

I got this question from a subscriber…

Hi Roy!

I came across your blog talking about copywriting royalties.

I’m an email copywriter and I have one potential client.

This client has a huge list (150,000+).

Can I charge him by royalty?

I’m thinking a fixed price per month + 5% of the revenue generated by the emails.

Do you have any advice on that?



I’m not convinced this friendly inquisitor will like my answer…

In today’s video, I explain how I justify royalties…

How I make it worth it for my clients to pay me royalties on every project…

Why it’s ultra-easy for my clients to say yes to this generous compensation structure…

How I’d think about it if I were this guy’s potential client — and why I might be saying, “hit the road, Jack”…

What I recommend instead of royalties that could still lead to big bucks in his bank account…

And a whole lot more.

>> Watch now and learn what I think about copywriting royalties for email copywriters…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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