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My biggest challenge is figuring out how to build enough trust and credibility in my sales letter or webinar when the product is new and I have no testimonials.

That is, I have a new product, so: how can you compensate for the lack of testimonials in the copy?

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What you’ll learn when you watch today’s video…

Testimonials barely scratch the surface of all the ways to build trust!

I riff on at least 6 other ways to build trust and believability, that are NOT testimonials — and yes, they work for new products.

But even before I get to those…

I ALSO share a secret to getting testimonials that I’ve used with great success — and yes, it works for new products.

If you’re willing to stretch your mind and imagination a bit, you’ll quickly realize just how many opportunities for trust-building you have.

… Even for new products!

Watch now.

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Roy Furr

PS: I’m switching up Mailbox Mondays.  My queue of questions got so long I was never going to get through it.  So now I’m only pulling from the most recent questions. If it’s been more than a couple weeks since you submitted a question and it hasn’t been answered yet, you can definitely submit again here.

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