I heard something you might find controversial…

“It’s easier to write a control, writing to an audience of women, if your VSL or sales letter is in a man’s voice.”

They weren’t talking about how people should respond.  They’re talking about what people are actually responding to.

Now, I KNOW the copywriters who were discussing this have data to back this up — and they both agreed that this was true in their experience.

When they write, this is what they find to be true.

Now, one reason could be that as guys, they suck at writing in a woman’s voice.  (And perhaps the pattern would flip if the copywriters were women, if it’s just based on a lack of lived experience.)

It could also just be a result of unconscious bias.  On the part of anybody and everybody involved.

There could be a lot of reasons — a lot of overlapping reasons.

But it got me thinking…

It might be because in our culture, men are often expected to be WARRIORS…

And here I’m not talking about soldiers, and not even about heroes.

I’m talking about the expectation, overwhelmingly directed towards men, for us to step up and fight for something bigger than us.

And by choosing to voice your marketing in a man’s voice, you might just be more naturally tapping into this idea of a warrior — the warrior archetype.

And that might be why even this one decision can increase your response.

That’s what today’s video is about (plus you get to learn what I think about women being warriors, including in copy)…

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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