What NEEDS drive your behavior?

I was recently listening to an event where Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham were breaking down business challenges…

And helping the business owner solve those challenges.

And over and over again, they got down to bedrock.

What NEED was driving buying behavior in the market?

Not superficial needs, such as “I need to learn to write marketing copy for my business.”

But the deeper need, such as “I need the certainty that I can invest in my business today, and grow into the future — and create financial certainty for the long term.”

When you understand that superficial need of writing copy at the deeper level, something changes.

Suddenly you’re not just talking about writing marketing copy.

You’re talking about teaching someone how they can develop a skill that will create a solid and certain financial future.  For themselves and their loved ones.

Income they can count on.  Investment growth they can count on.

Spending $1, having it bring back more than $1 in return, with certainty.

That prospect doesn’t want to learn copy.

They want something that will give them this financial future with certainty.

Likewise with any offer, in any market, speaking to any prospect.

There’s a limited number of core needs — Tony says there are 6 human needs — that will drive buying behavior.

Certainty is one.  There are 5 more.

I give my insights and perspective on all of them in today’s video.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

PS: When you’re done with that, realize that these 6 are a great model, but not the only one.  I’ve also shared a list of 16 Human Desires you can use in your marketing.  Read that after you watch today’s video.