Can you tell your ORIGIN STORY whenever asked?

And when you do, does it consistently cover all the important points that it needs to cover to support moving your prospects closer to the sale?

Have you cultivated it in a way where it supports your selling process?

What does it say about your character?

How does it help you connect on a human level?

Today’s video was inspired by my Zoom Ask-Me-Anything call (the recording will be available to BTMSinsiders members next week).

Someone asked how I got started…

And it was a nice reminder of the POWER of having your origin story down.

So I shared that in the video…

Plus I shared WHY I include specific details…

Plus I shared how I’ve used origin stories in client copywriting…

Plus I give some important advice on using your origin story straight from my Story Selling Master Class.

This is a powerful lesson.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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