Do you believe in magic?

Remember the old McDonald’s jingle?

It promised that going to McDonald’s would be a magical experience.

There are other businesses that offer magic…

Buying almost anything you want, not paying for shipping, and yet having it delivered to your doorstep within two days?  That’s the magic of Amazon Prime.

Having almost any music you can think of available to you, to listen to immediately and on-demand?  That’s the magic of Spotify.

Having an incredible computer in your pocket that connects you to all the world’s entertainment and information?  That was the magic of the iPhone.

What about you?

Let’s say you help businesses generate leads…  Your magic could be that steady stream of new leads and customers who suddenly start to show up at their business.

Or if you make sales…  Your magic is the creation of a campaign or funnel that lets them get $2 out for every $1 they invest.

Or maybe you’re in the fitness industry…  Your lifestyle approach to diet and exercise could give them a magic transformation into the body they’ve wanted but haven’t been able to get.

Whatever industry you’re in, what “magic” do your customers and clients want?

The more you engineer the magic, the easier selling becomes…

In other words, the more automatic it becomes for the customer to get their desired result, the less convincing you’ll have to do to get them to do business with you.

This is the promise of the magic pill…  The magic cream…  The insider’s secret…  The “one weird trick”…  The proven system…  Any kind of “done for you” service that pays for itself and then some.

It’s human nature to not want to work for things.

It’s human nature to want things for free.

It’s human nature to push your happiness and success off onto someone else’s shoulders.

Me too.  If this is a criticism, it’s as much a criticism of me as anybody.

Deep down, we know it’s usually hard to get what we want…

Six-pack abs are hard.

A multi-million-dollar retirement savings is hard.

Happiness and good relationships are hard.

We want them to be easy.

And so we are easily swayed when someone tells us they have it figured out.

If you do this in your marketing without delivering it in your product or service, you are a scammer.

If you do it in your product or service without doing it in marketing, you may be noble.

But if you do it in both, you can be very successful.

A couple related thoughts…

John Carlton teaches that there’s a spectrum between the magic pill and cold hard reality.  It’s very hard to sell cold hard reality (though some do it well).  It’s very easy to sell the magic pill (but dangerous if you haven’t engineered everything to deliver).  You have to find the right spot for you and your marketing.  (And then maybe go one more click toward the magic pill end of the spectrum.)

Richard Koch wrote an excellent book called Simplify, about creating a business around delivering a “magic” experience (my words, not his).  Want a business that transforms an industry and creates tremendous wealth?  Take on all the complexity behind the scenes in your business, and deliver an incredibly simple customer experience.

Getting this right first can be far more powerful than any words you say, or selling message you put together.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr