Have you ever written an email or ever piece of copy that just didn’t connect or flow?

You knew somehow working in a story in the beginning would get readers more engaged.

You knew to make sure you still asked for action at the end.

But in the middle, you got lost.

And the connection just didn’t make sense.

Individual parts might have worked.  But as a whole, it was a whole jumbled mess.

This is surprisingly common — with a pretty simple fix.

Today’s video explains…

It’s based on this reader question from Reece, who has dealt with this same issue…


I am a huge fan and student of Copywriting, I find it mesmerizing. I have a major problem with flow in my emails. Sometimes I re-read and I’m like huh? But because I already spent way too much time on it I hit send most of the time.  Can you help?



This is all-too-common!

Putting out mediocre copy that you know isn’t great, but that you just can’t fix fast enough before the deadline.

There is a way out…

It involves how you plan your copy from the very beginning.  To work in story elements.

But also, planned from the beginning, to sell.

Again, today’s video walks through all of it.

In the video, I do a quick demo of my PAISA selling story formula — see if you catch it before I reveal it…

(The PAISA formula is the foundation of my book, The Ultimate Selling Story.)

I also talk about the power of the 3 Pillars of Highly-Effective Story Selling, as taught in my Story Selling Master Class…

And I share how it can all but put together — before you write word of copy — to write better copy, faster…

Developing incredible persuasive power, through story story selling.

Watch today’s video to see how it all fits together…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr