I...  Am...  Legend...  And I will show you how to be legend too!

I… Am… Legend… And I will show you how to be legend too!

I’ve respected Will Smith for a long time…

I grew up watching The Fresh Prince, but at the time I didn’t see him as much more than a funny actor, and then a good hip-hop artist.

But well after he’d established himself as a movie star (on top of TV, on top of music), I read an interview with him about his success.

Asked how he ended up starring in so many blockbuster movies, he revealed a simple formula…

He sat down with a list of the top-grossing box office hits of all time.

And he went down the list, trying to figure out what made a hit.

He did his homework.

He said, “What are the people who are enjoying box office success doing to get there?”

And basically he discovered that it was big sci-fi action/adventure flicks that were consistently grossing the highest totals at the box office.

Once he saw what successful people were doing, he simply did his best to model it..

And that’s when he started appearing in hit after hit, including…

Independence Day, Men In Black, I Am Legend, I, Robot, Wild Wild West, and so many others…

And sure, there were a few others thrown in that were not “on formula” to what I read in the interview, but I’m certain his choice of those films were just as calculated.

I recently stumbled on a video on Facebook, of Will Smith, that I think you need to see…

While you and I can’t necessarily go out and star in summer blockbusters, in this video he reveals a few of his top success principles that you CAN apply, starting today.

Click here to watch the Will Smith video.

Have a great weekend.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets