Here’s a counterintuitive secret to closing more high-quality clients…

Getting more of the right kind of sales for your business (or your clients).

You might want to make it HARDER for your prospects to buy.

This has to do with a sales concept I associate with Dan Kennedy, called Takeaway Selling.

It also taps into the Framing and Positioning strategies taught by Dan as well as Oren Klaff in his book, Pitch Anything.

And it is in alignment with some of the most advanced persuasion techniques that I teach.

If you just want to be a commoditized product or service provider, who takes any customer that walks in off the street (no matter the headache they may cause), you can ignore this.

But if you want the highest-quality clients who give you massive respect and pay you more, you probably want to pay close attention…

Why you might want to make it HARDER to buy

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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