success-kidHey there Rainmaker, this is going to be a very different week at Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

Expect shorter, punchier emails (the reason below)…

And, admittedly, I have something I’m going to sell you, that’s especially valuable if you’re a copywriter!

I’ve unlocked the vault, and pulled this from behind closed doors!

This is one of the most important realizations I’ve made this year regarding ANY business but especially copywriters.

It’s really the difference between copywriters who succeed easily, living “The Writer’s Life,” and getting exactly what they want from this biz…

And on the other side, folks who — even with great copywriting skills — seem to always struggle to get noticed, get paid, and get the respect they need to enjoy the bounties this profession can provide.

Importantly, it’s NOT about the copywriting skills!

Yes, you’ve gotta have the chops to write a decent, compelling, persuasive message if you want to succeed as a copywriter.  But for the most part, if you’re ambitious and study hard (and apply what you learn!), you can pick those up within a couple years — if not faster.

So why do people still struggle after 5, 10 years, hoping, wishing, dreaming of becoming a copywriter?!

It’s all about how you sell yourself.

Now, I shared a lot about this in The Copywriter’s Guide To Getting Paid.

But there’s one major epiphany I had after that book went to press, that’s not included.


If you want to make a sale, you need an OFFER.

Most copywriters admittedly suck at making offers for their own services, even if they’re great at building offers for their clients.

Instead, most copywriters got into this business because they heard, “get paid to write.”

I’m not criticizing — I discovered copywriting through a book called “The Well Fed Writer.”  That’s exactly why I got into copywriting.

The problem is when we stop there.

What happens is we basically put out a sign that says, “Will write for food.”

We leave it up to our clients to figure out what we’re going to do for them, why it’s valuable, and how much it’s really worth.

What this leads to is more struggle and fuss, and a whole lot less income for YOU as a copywriter.

The solution?

You need one clear, compelling core offer for your copywriting business!

This is how you bring new clients in the door, get them excited about you and your services, get them to take action to hire you, and finally — MOST IMPORTANTLY — respect you to do your work.

That really is the power of a clear, compelling core offer.

This can totally change your career — and your life!

I actually stumbled onto this by accident before I launched my freelance career, and it’s been a huge part of my success to date.

But it was Ryan Levesque who really turned me on to the concept, when he explained how he built a $1-million-plus marketing agency on the back of his one clear core offer — after struggling to get a foothold as an all-purpose, as-needed marketing consultant and copywriter.

I want YOU to have my training on this…

NOTE: This was NOT available to you before today unless you invested in my book.  But I believe it’s so important I want to share it with all my Breakthrough Marketing Secrets readers.

Here I’ll be totally clear and transparent.

I did a 1+-hour selling webinar on this topic, that covered everything I’ve just told you above in a lot more detail.

YES, it’s designed to sell you more training with a $49 price tag, but I deliver a ton of valuable, actionable content while I sell (have you read these emails lately?!).

Click here to watch the webinar on why you MUST create a compelling core offer for your copywriting business.

Near the end of that video, I do link to a sales page for that training, called “The Copywriter’s Roadmap To Building A Core Offer.”

It goes into much greater detail not just on WHY, but on HOW, using over a dozen different types of copywriting projects to show what kinds of core offers you can build…

And, importantly, how to generate at least $5,000 per month in income with ANY of the core offers.

If you apply what you learn, I have every reason to believe you can get these results.  I tried to be conservative in my demonstrations of how much you could make.

…  And if you do hit a $5,000 month with the right core offer, that means this training will have just delivered a $100 return on every $1 invested — for just that month’s income!

Click here to go straight to the information page for the Copywriter’s Roadmap To Building A Core Offer training.

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I’m not going to give away actionable content from Bootcamp — to get the real value out of Bootcamp you have to be there.

What this is, is my reflections and insights that I get from being there.

And this will be valuable whether you’re there with me or not.

If you’re not there, you’re going to get actionable insights you wouldn’t get otherwise…

If you’re there, you’re going to get my reflection on some of your best takeaways, likely adding new perspective, depths, or dimension to what you got.

To get this additional free training, you have to invest in the Roadmap training THIS WEEK.

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Whaddya waitin’ for?!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

PS: RE the shorter, punchier issues.  Maybe not this one.  But when I’m on the road and at Bootcamp, I’m going to be squeezing in the dailies when I can.  So I’m just letting you know in advance.

PPS: If you’ll be there, say “hi!”  And it’s always helpful to let me know you’re a reader!