She didn’t mean to drop a HUGE copywriting tip and lesson on long copy vs. short copy, but that’s exactly what happened…

On Saturday morning, I was at a local high school, listening to a Senior speak about one of our city’s focus programs.

(My sons are both currently interested in this program.)

She was talking about one of the hardest assignments in the program…

A 4,000-word essay about a topic they choose.

Now, 4,000 words is TERRIFYING to most high school students.

So.  Many.  Words.

Far longer than most high school students ever have to write.

And she said she was terrified about it, too.

But then she had a realization.

It came from getting to choose the topic.  And finding something she was personally interested in, even passionate about.

I wrote her quote down.

I told her it was brilliant.

And because it unlocks a powerful understanding of why long copy consistently outsells short copy, I decided to use it in today’s episode — along with a tip on WHO you’re writing to if you want to sell more…

Why Long Copy Sells More Than Short Copy — Copywriting tip to get more conversions

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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