After yesterday’s issue, I got another unsubscribe message…

Basically, this former subscriber complained that I don’t write about marketing enough.

And I guess I get her point.  After all, the name of my site is Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

But here’s the thing.

If we dug a little deeper, I’m sure her complaint would be that I don’t write about marketing techniques and tactics enough.

Which I don’t.

I don’t tell you the “32 ways you can get more free traffic to your website.”

I don’t wax poetic about “the 3 social media strategies every small business needs to start doing yesterday.”

I don’t write article after article about “the top 10 headline templates for online copywriters.”

Even though I KNOW these articles would have an audience.  Perhaps even a bigger one than I have today.

But here’s the thing…

I don’t write about these superficial tactics because they’re not important in the long run…

Yesterday, in my daily marketing column, I wrote about how you should write an apology letter to your future self.

Admittedly, that feels about as far from marketing as could be.

And yet, it’s not.

Because marketing — especially entrepreneurial marketing — is as much about WHO YOU ARE as anything you do.

This is a massive positioning secret…

A way to make selling infinitely easier…

One of the most powerful things I could ever share…

(And yet, one of the most likely things to get ignored by the shiny-object crowd…)

If you can get people to buy YOU, your product and service don’t matter…

How do you think Khloe Kardashian became the youngest billionaire in history?

It’s not because she created superior products.

It’s because she had a HUGE market who’d already bought into HER.  So when she put her name on products, they bought the products.  And as long as those products weren’t a disappointment, they would keep buying.

There are so many others whose names now carry far more weight than their products or services.

Oprah.  Jordan.  Trump.

(For the purpose of illustration, it doesn’t matter where you fall politically for the last example.  Trump’s name sold the presidency to his target market.)

In fact, we’ve become so celebrity-obsessed as a culture, that now celebrity matters as much as quality on many consumer products.

Even if you believe in quality, there’s a lesson to be learned.

Create the YOU that you want to be — that your market will buy — and you will find selling much easier…

What if instead of trying to push your offer on people, you had them coming to you, wanting to do business with you?

What if your customers screamed like teen fans when you “stepped on the red carpet?”

That’s the power of defining your persona in the eyes of the market, and becoming a celebrity to your market.

And so so much of that has to do with your willingness to step up and be that person.

Now, I’m not saying you should be someone who you aren’t.

I’m not saying to put on a fake persona.

The person who can become a celebrity to your target market is the best version of yourself.

The biggest, boldest, brightest version of you.

Even better if you’re a celebrity to your market guided by an ethical and benevolent mindset.  Someone who your market can admire and respect.

These are the kinds of leaders who get followers for life…

Which brings me to some of the other responses I got to yesterday’s message…

Phil wrote, “Roy, I have been reading your daily emails for a while now, probably almost a year or so. I appreciate the time and effort you must put in to the process of delivering something useful to your readers. But I especially appreciate the fact that your emails dig below the surface of marketing, are not simply of the how-to type and instead are fundamentally thought-provoking and encouraging. It is really helpful.”

Collin sent me this note, “Roy, Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the TIME and THOUGHT you put into your writing. You are a profound thinker. Keep up the good work!  Collin.”

And Tim’s note was short and sweet, “Dear Roy, Your content is always first class. Thank You, Tim.”

My messages polarize…

Not in the way people polarize by being offensive.

Rather, because I choose to go deep and focus on BEDROCK, people who are only looking for the flavor-of-the-day superficial marketing advice just don’t resonate.

And yet those very same messages create an even deeper connection with my core audience.  An audience who understands that even when I’m not talking about “marketing,” I’m still talking about what really matters to being a happy, healthy, prosperous, and impactful marketer-entrepreneur.

If that’s important to you, you’re my people.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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