I used to HATE the idea of a checklist…

I explain my transformation in today’s video.

I thought it was a terrible constraint on my skill and creativity.

But now I love them so much I’m sharing them.  Like I did earlier this week, sharing my 3 Must-Have Checklists For Every Copywriter.

I’m CONSTANTLY looking for opportunities to develop checklists.

To help me remember every little detail in my business (and beyond!).

Including in my creative process — such as those sales letter copywriting checklists.

What changed my mind?

Well, it’s not just one thing.

For example, when I got the famous Clayton Makepeace checklist, it almost instantly boosted the selling power of my copy (as described at the 3 checklists link).

But then I started hearing about processes and checklists left and right.

And this book, a couple years back, really just reinforced how powerful checklists can be, pretty much everywhere they’re used…

The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.

As I explain in my video today on why I learned to love checklists

The reasons airplanes are so safe (actually safer than traveling by car)?  Checklists.

How surgery is safer and less prone to complications than ever?  Checklists.

How George Lucas wrote Star Wars?  A checklist.

How copywriters can write more consistently profitable copy?  Checklists.

(Okay, I added that last one.)

The point being, any complex skill done more than once justifies a checklist to ensure it’s performed at its best.

Checklists are also a great way for someone highly skilled at a craft to transfer that knowledge.

What I learned about using a checklist…

It’s actually a great way to STIMULATE creativity while also ensuring you hit all the important points.

All my fears were unfounded.

You can be creative AND use checklists.

They’re not exclusive ideas.

Watch today’s video for even more about how checklists can make you a better copywriter and marketer — or surgeon or pilot or even Hollywood screenwriter!

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr