You already know how…

Imagine your perfect workday…

You probably know what it feels like.  Because you’ve had days, or even just a few hours, where you’ve felt how you’d feel.

If you’re on the phone with prospects, you’re having the exact conversation and interaction you need to close the sale…

If you’re writing copy, the words to say are flowing effortlessly, as quick as you can type…

If you’re working with others, you have just the right blend of leadership and openness so that everyone is contributing at their best capacity…

You feel in sync.  In flow.  Like you can accomplish anything.

No matter what you’re doing — or need to do — you’re able to do it well.  The world drops away.  And you simply focus on the task at hand, and perform it at concert pitch.

You already know how to make $1,000 per hour…

This could be one of the most profound lessons from Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales And Marketing book.

That you already know how to make $1,000 per hour — or even $10,000 per hour.

And throughout your career, you’ve probably had a few moments where you’ve done just that.

For example, when you find flow on writing a headline and lead for a new marketing promotion, those few minutes could easily be worth $1,000 or even $10,000 or more per hour — because of the impact they will have on the eventual response.

If you’re working on ads for your business, and you stumble on a new way to target your best buyers, and set up that system to run for months, those few minutes could easily generate thousands.

And on, and on.

You may spend most of your time doing $100/hour tasks, or $10/hour tasks, or $0/hour tasks.  But when all those lower-value tasks are interjected with the occasional $1,000/hour task, your total income works out.

The question posed by Perry, and that I’ll repeat, is how you can spend more of your time engaged in $1,000/hour or $10,000/hour or $100,000/hour tasks.

My guess is that when you imagined your perfect workday, it’s these high-value tasks that you would be working on during that time.  And you would be doing it in a state of flow that allowed you to fulfill the potential value in the task.

And here’s the crazy thing about these tasks…

You don’t need more how-to information to make much more than you’re making now…

Now, don’t get me wrong.  There are opportunities to learn how to do new things, that can be massively impactful.

But that’s not what’s holding most of us back (including me).

We have enough basic knowledge to achieve much more than we’re achieving right now.

The key is to get ourselves into the zone, where we’re performing our highest-value tasks, at peak effectiveness.

And you’re not going to get better at this by taking another program.  Or even digging through my entire library of high-value training!

I was talking to my coach, Joseph Rodrigues, about this last Friday.

From the day I started working with him, in late 2015, I knew enough about copywriting and marketing and entrepreneurship to have all the success I wanted.

He wasn’t going to teach me anything I didn’t already know about success in business.  And heck, at least half the time we have a breakthrough on the coaching calls, it’s because I’m bringing my own breakthroughs and insights to our conversations!

And yet, I still pay his fee — happily — to meet with me every week.


Because the real secret to creating the perfect workday full of high-value activities is MAINTAINING HIGH-PERFORMANCE STATES…

That is, bringing yourself into the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical states that are most conducive to success.

In the most simple terms, if you can get excited to tackle a high-value challenge at work, you’re going to be more successful at it.

And if you can bring that excitement to every challenge, lookout!

Showing up ready to win is more than half the battle.  Showing up with a focused, positive state, and being able to maintain it through your work’s ups and downs will get you almost all the way to the finish line.

There are small elements of skill and luck that factor in.

The skill you have, through all that how-to learning.  Plus the willingness to get new skills when necessary.  That plays a tiny role.

And the sheer luck of being in the right place at the right time for the opportunity.

But even skill and luck are improved by being there, being present, being ready to do what it takes to overcome challenges and win.

To be in that high-performance state.

Once you’re in the state, you’ll naturally take action.  You’ll naturally draw from your vast library of conscious and unconscious resources that tell you how to do what you need to do.  You’ll stay focused and productive.  You’ll create maximum value.

You’ll do what you already know how to do, to create the success you want.

This is what Joseph helps me with.  Maintaining high-performance states when I have them.  And finding them again when I’ve lost them.  (Plus, knowing when to relax and drop out of that state, so I can be recuperated to move back into that state when I’ll need it again.)

Most of our biggest breakthroughs will NOT come because we learned something new, about the technical, tactical aspects of our work.

Most of our biggest breakthroughs will come because we found our way into that high-performance state, found flow there, and did what we needed to do to create maximum value in that moment.

The question is: What can you do today to help yourself achieve more high-value, breakthrough, high-performance states, whenever you need them?

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr