What you do daily determines your success…

What if you were to, for example, launch one Facebook ad every day, for your business?

Or what if you were to write one email to your list?

Or do one thing to stimulate client demand?

Or do one set of exercises?

Or read one page from an important book?

Or fill out one form to track your business and personal financial metrics?

Or call one potential customer?  (Or ten?)

Or…  ?

You fill in the blank.

What’s important to you dictates what your one thing is…

That’s the variable.  What’s not variable is the power of doing one thing every day.

Every heard of Water Torture?

It involves securing someone’s head underneath dripping water.  And dripping, and dripping, and dripping the water on their forehead — presumably until they confess, or go crazy, or whatever.

While I don’t know if anyone ever used that — or if it actually works — the metaphor of it stands.  A small amount of consistent force can have a massive effect.

Or how about this.  When we visited the Grand Canyon last year and watched the informational video at the Visitor’s Center, one tiny fact mentioned in the video struck me…

The Grand Canyon is relatively recent in geological time.  It was formed by erosion, caused by the Colorado River, over the last 6 million years.

To form such a gigantic canyon, you might think it took a lot of fast erosion.  But it didn’t.  In fact, it has gotten deeper by roughly the thickness of a single sheet of paper every year.  And yet, through consistency, it’s become the natural wonder it is today.

Another quick example from outside of business…

Pavel Tsatsouline, the guy who brought kettlebells to the United States, teaches something called “greasing the groove.”  This is a strength training recommendation.  He says that in getting strong, it’s important to occasionally push yourself to your limit.  But most of the time, you should make sure you simply go through the motions of lifting, with correct form, at a much lower weight than you are capable of.

This allows you to practice lifting daily, and teaches your muscles the proper way to move weight.  Done right, and combined with pushing yourself at other times, you’re setting yourself up to lift the heavier weights (and lift them correctly, so you don’t injure yourself).  “Repeat until strong,” is the mantra.

Likewise, anything you do with daily consistency will have a huge contributing effect to your success.

Dan Kennedy spent his entire career doing one thing every day…

And I still remember the time he got on stage at AWAI, in 2009, and showed us the check for $35,000, saying it was a third of his project fee, for which he’d also soon earn royalties.

He said he could do this because he controlled deal flow.  There was more demand for his time than there was time available.  And so he kept raising prices, reducing demand (somewhat) but also increasing deal flow through other activities.  Until it got to the point that you couldn’t get him to lift a finger for more than six-figures.

Dan attributed his ability to do this to deal flow.

And he attributed his deal flow to his consistent practice of doing AT LEAST one thing, every day, to stimulate client demand.

It may be responding to one fax.  Or writing one note to a past client.  Or making one call.

But he did at least one thing, every day, for three decades, to stimulate client demand.

How can you apply this?

I have a Google Form I fill out every day to track important metrics in my business.

I have a spreadsheet with my body weight from every morning since September 1, 2016.

Just a few weeks ago, I started a new kettlebell training program (the new Simple and Sinister) that I do — and track — daily, along with daily minimum sets of push-ups and pull-ups.

I write these emails, daily.

I’m implementing daily “funnel time” where I work on customer acquisition funnels for Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

I’ve now meditated for over 900 days straight.

And that’s only a small sliver of my day.

But it’s these daily habits that contribute to massive changes, through time.

I don’t point out these things to brag…

Listen, I have been and often still am as disorganized as anybody else.

I was diagnosed with ADHD:Inattentive.

There are a lot of things I’d like to get done that I don’t.

That’s WHY I’ve self-imposed these daily disciplines.

Because I NEED them.

And that’s their power.

Once any of these habits becomes daily — becomes “what you do” — that’s when it really starts to snowball.

And one will often spark another, and another, and another.

I saw recently that one company I follow launched 960 Facebook ads in about one month.

They’re one of the fastest-growing Facebook advertisers I’m aware of.

Do you think they’ve always done that many?  Nope.  But I’m sure that at some point they had a similar realization.

Do the right things consistently every day.

Repeat until successful.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr