Today, a video: How to move the free line back toward paid and make it worth it for your customers…

Maybe you’ve heard about “moving the free line” …?  It’s a concept popularized by Eben Pagan.  The basic idea was that the way to get the attention and trust of your target market was to give away for free what others have charged for.

In the direct mail days, this didn’t happen much because paper and ink were not cheap.  Sure, folks like Gary Bencivenga figured out that a lot of value-packed copy did a better job of selling than a straight pitch, but it reached its limits.

Then, the internet came along.  A free and effectively unlimited copy machine, hooked up to a free and instantaneous post office.

Media can be copied instantly, and delivered as fast as bandwidth can handle.  At almost zero cost.  This strips the value from nearly everything that can be digitized — which is increasingly everything…

And this trend is NOT reversing.

This will only continue to erode what has value and what can be charged for.  It will only lead to your market and your customers demanding more, and willing to pay less.

How do you counter it?

Well, I found specific and actionable advice in an audiobook I just listened to, called The Inevitable, by Kevin Kelly.

The rest of the details are in this must-watch video.

Perry Marshall, years ago, was already proclaiming the death of the “DVD business” — that gurus and experts were in their 11th hour.  That you can no longer justify thousands of dollars for media that’s copied for $10s.  But what CAN you charge for?

It’s in the video.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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