2016-10-25-video-thumbnailI’m doing a little experiment, involving video…

In a moment, I’ll link you to the latest video I created.  But first, a bit about my new video strategy and experiment.

I’ve made most of my living for the last 10 years or so by writing copy.  But as one of my most valued teachers and mentors, Mark Ford, has said to me, “good writing is good thinking.”

And if you get your thinking right, there are a lot of ways to share that thinking that go beyond sitting at a keyboard and banging out 1,000 or more words.

It’s part of why I like to do video training, over things like books and manuals.  Once I’ve outlined a piece of content, I could spend the next few months writing it between things…  Or I could hit record, and have the same content shared within minutes or hours.

Plus, people like video, as a general rule…

I found a study that the average person spends 7.6 hours online per day.  28% of that time is spent surfing social media, including watching videos.  23% of the time is spent surfing content, including watching videos.  And 19% of the average user’s time online is spent specifically surfing videos.

That means, an average user in an average day spends 70% of their online time — just over 5 hours — engaged in surfing activity that often includes video!  And they spend about 86 minutes per day specifically watching videos, and picking the next video to watch!

YouTube is and has been the #2 website on the internet for a very long time, right behind Google.  And as bandwidth continues to increase and video content becomes even more prevalent, these numbers will only go up.  The #3 website, Facebook, is doubling-down on its video strategy.

That’s why…

I’m going to be doing a lot more video going forward!

There’s even one more benefit that I haven’t mentioned.

Know all those people who are watching videos?  Well, some of them are really good customers.  Especially if they’re watching your video that’s linked to your product or service offering.

And by putting your video on a platform like YouTube or Facebook, you have a potential to reach all of their billion-plus users, and move the most interested and motivated ones to you, off of that platform.

I liken it to opening a retail shop.  Let’s say you have a really good idea for a retail shop.  You could open it in a standalone building in the suburbs where people have to come to you…  Or you could stick it in the middle of the mall, where people are already going with the intention of shopping.  There are advantages to putting yourself in the middle of the crowd!

That makes video a powerful audience-building tool, as well as giving you another way to deliver valuable content to everyone who is already following you!

With that…

What to expect from me going forward…

I am going to take advantage of more opportunities to whip out my phone and record a talking head video, as well as doing more screenshot and PowerPoint videos.

Right now, it’s a very low-budget, fast, and guerrilla approach to video.  Don’t expect flashy production values!

But if you’re a regular Breakthrough Marketing Secrets reader, expect similarly-valuable content that’s hyper-relevant to you.  The same great thinking that goes into each daily essay will come through in the videos I create.

I also have more plans in the works (watch the video, link coming in a moment) that I can’t talk about that will no doubt involve a lot of hyper-valuable video content.

With all that said, here’s my first of this new style of video…

How to create a bigger future, get clarity, and grow your business!

Click here to watch the video on YouTube…

Let me know what you think…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr