A good upsell is an easy way to make a lot more money from the same customers, same ad spend, same traffic…

You can generate a lot more sales and revenue without spending another dollar on advertising or traffic…

In fact, a good upsell — vs. no upsell or a bad one — can be the difference between a profitable funnel and one that stinks.

So — how do you write a good upsell?

Well, there’s an easy upsell copywriting formula that actually comes from BEFORE the internet…

That I know dates back to Gary Halbert and Dan Kennedy selling by direct mail (and probably way before) and I’ve seen recently from Justin Goff, and that’s a variation on what I’ve frequently used myself.

So yes, it works splendidly online, but can also work offline in many contexts, too.

I share the entire formula in today’s quick episode…

Upsell Copywriting Formula [from Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Justin Goff, Roy Furr]

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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