I saw him walking up to the door…

Bang! Bang! BANG!

I already didn’t like him.

Didn’t he realize it was NAP TIME in the Furr house?

What was he doing banging on the door so loudly?

I had a sleeping baby in my arms. I thought about just ignoring him, hoping he’d go away. They usually do.

“Ah, what the heck… She’s out anyway… I’ll answer the door… See what he wants.”

The side of his van wore the name of some communications company I’d never heard of.

He wore a smile as I opened the front door.

“Hi,” he said, “Have you ever thought of taking down that old TV tower next to your house?”

Suddenly, I was a little interested.

“Yeah,” I told him.

What I didn’t tell him is that I’d talked to my neighbor last year, and they’d paid about $500 to get theirs removed.

I was expecting to spend about the same, within the next couple months.

Rewind a bit…

We moved into this house in 2011.

It’s in the neighborhood my wife grew up in. It’s been recognized by the Nebraska State Historical Society as a historic district. The houses are all mid-century modern. They have “character.”

Most of the character is good.

Some of the character comes from the era where to get TV in your house, you had to have a 30-ft television antenna on the outside.

"It adds to the period charm of the house, of course!"

“It adds to the period charm of the house, of course!”

That TV antenna is not part of the character of the house we were interested in keeping after we moved in. We just hadn’t gotten around to paying someone to remove it yet.

Anyway, back to last weekend, and the communications company guy knocking on our door during nap time.

“We’d like to remove the TV antenna from the side of your house for FREE.”

“Huh? What’s the catch?”

“Well, there’s not really any catch. We offer wireless internet service in rural areas outside of town. Our customers need the antennas. And instead of buying new ones, we go around to neighborhoods like this, knock on doors like yours, and offer to take them down for free. We rebuild them for our customers, and they pay for it all as part of their internet service with us.”

“Wow. Okay. I guess that makes sense.”

“It’s quick and easy for us to do. It normally takes under half an hour. One of us goes up on your roof, and the other cuts the tower off at the ground level. We lay the tower gently down onto the roof, and can slide it off from there.”

“We also hammer down what’s left of the tower so it’s below ground level, and you’ll never know it’s there unless you go digging and find the concrete foundation where the tower used to be.”

“And this has never been an issue. But if something happens and we damage your roof, we have $2 million worth of insurance so you’re totally protected.”

“Would you like us to take that down now?”

Long story short, I asked them to come back after nap time, when the whole family would be out.

We were gone for a couple hours, and when we got home, that eyesore on the house was gone — I checked the ground and it looked like it’d never been there.

They, I’m sure, save a couple hundred dollars or more for every tower they offer to take down for free. Because they don’t have to buy a brand new one for their new customer. An afternoon of taking those things down is probably worth $1,000 or more in cost savings.

Their customer saves, too, because that cost is never passed on.

And it was completely effortless for me to say “Yes” and let them take down the TV tower.

Everybody won as a result.

That’s an irresistible offer.

What can you do to create an irresistible offer in your business?

The hour or two these guys spent thinking about it has no doubt been worth thousands for their business.

How much will it be worth for you to spend an hour or two thinking about it?

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets


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