Take this virus seriously.  It will take our friends, our loved ones, and our heroes.  Call it social distancing.  Call it physical distancing.  Call it staying at home.  Do it!!!

I’m hurting so much right now.

I learned that we lost Clayton Makepeace to a pneumonia of unknown origin.

I wouldn’t be half the copywriter I am if it weren’t for Clayton.

I had something else written for today, but then I recorded a video in tribute to my mentor (and client).

Here’s the video…

Here’s an article I wrote on Clayton’s 20-point copywriting outline that completely changed the course of my copywriting career.

We will come out stronger on the other side, and the best is yet to come.

But things will get worse before they get better — especially if we don’t take this seriously.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

UPDATE: Clayton tested negative for the coronavirus, according to his family. There was no clear link between Clayton’s pneumonia and the virus, besides them both happening right now. Everything I said about Clayton, and everything I said about keeping ourselves safe from the virus stands. I made a mistake in linking the two. This is a really hard time and losing a hero kind of opened the floodgates for me. This virus is creeping its way into my life and I am afraid. I am feeling grief for that. And I feel grief for Clayton’s passing. For my own loss of a hero and mentor, but more importantly for his loved ones and family. I apologize for any confusion or hurt I caused by my own confusion. I will do my best to honor Clayton’s legacy by trying to be as generous with my copywriting experience as he was to me and the rest of our industry.